Discover Naples through its flavors, its legends and its original recipes recognized throughout the world.
Choose a cooking class in English for lunch or dinner to experience Naples from another prospective, the gastronomic one!
Above all Pizza, but also fresh pasta and seafood, are the most requested proposals. A cooking class at the Toffini Academy is a mix of culture, history, fun and good food!

Toffini Academy is ranked among the 10 best cooking schools in Italy, but it is the only one totally dedicated to food lovers and professionals. This is why the courses are not held in the kitchen of a restaurant or pizzeria but in a truly special kitchen where you will have a station dedicated to you to maximize both fun and learning, because our promise is that you will learn to do it again at home !
Recommended by Lonely Planet and Tripadvisor. 
Our strategic position with respect to places of attraction and itineraries will allow you to optimize your time in Naples. And now, are you ready to eat Naples?
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